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Our Story

Lovingems emerged from the collaboration of a trio of women driven by a desire to revolutionize our perception of jewelry. From childhood, societal norms subtly instilled the notion that exquisite jewelry requires a hefty investment. Specifically, the conditioning led us to believe that obtaining a beautiful ring necessitates spending thousands of dollars. Disillusioned by this misconception, we discovered a shared passion for challenging such beliefs and established this brand to showcase that one doesn't need to deplete their savings for an elegant ring.

Interestingly, our journey was fueled by an initial love for fine jewelry. Prior to unveiling the depth of societal influence, each of us avidly sought out new additions to our collections. This passion culminated in the launch of Lovingems, where our research led us to a renewed dedication and inspiration. While it's commendable to build a brand around a love for specific products, our greater motivation lies in making a positive impact on the world.

We firmly believe in reshaping people's perceptions and dispelling the myth that stunning jewelry is exclusive to a high budget. We express gratitude for considering our brand and products, wishing you a fantastic remainder of your day.

With Love,
Erica, Robin, and Danielle

About Us

Lovingems is a jewelry brand all about love. We make it easy for you to show your special someone how much you care and love them. Each piece we create has a bit of love added to it, making it a perfect gift to express your feelings to your loved ones.

Understand WHAT Sets Us Apart...

Completely hypoallergenic.

Crafted by hand from top-notch materials, they are free of nickel and lead.

Crafted With Intention.

Every jewelry piece we create is a conscious endeavor, meant to evoke profound connections and enduring memories.

It's Created With Heartfelt Dedication.

Each jewelry piece is crafted by hand using premium metals and crystals, typically incorporating sterling silver or 18k gold plating.